TDX Power in the News

Adak fights to keep the lights on

11-Jan-2010 – Alaska Dispatch

Far out on the Aleutian chain, on windy Adak Island, a world-class Nautilus gym sits dark and cold because the city of Adak can’t afford the electricity to light and heat it. The gym is an artifact left over from when the island was a naval base, home to 6,000 military personnel.
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Chakachamna hydro project asks state for $5 million

16-Feb-2010 – Anchorage Daily News

The profile of Chakachamna Lake hydropower, a project proposed for the west side of Cook Inlet, has risen a lot in the last two months. In early December, a study of Railbelt energy needs placed Chakachamna ahead of a much larger and more widely discussed hydropower project on the Susitna River.
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Native American Interview: Nicholas Goodman, TDX Power Corporation

31-Mar-2007 – U.S. Department of Energy

TDX’s chairman, Ron Philemonoff, became interested in wind power during one of his annual trips to visit family in California. With all due respect to our brethren in California, the St. Paul Island wind resource has no equal in California, and he knew the technology had real potential on St. Paul Island.
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Native American Interview: Ron Philemonoff, Tanadgusix (TDX) Corporation

01-Nov-2003 – U.S. Department of Energy

The U.S. government settled the Alaska Native land claims in 1971 by creating Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) corporations (in other states, reservations were created). Tanadgusix (TDX) Corporation is an Alaskan Native Village Corporation formed under the ANCSA.
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